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Hi. My name is Luke Kubow and I’m a doctor. During my hand contusion I participated in a lot of marketing courses and it appeared I’m good at it. I discovered the most effective method to get more business, which you will know in a second.

The fact is that in medical schools they don’t teach us marketing, so not every doctor knows how to do business, how to get more patients etc. At least I didin’t know that, even after 5 years of my medical practice. I have always been a good doctor but I didn’t know how to be a patient magnet – I used to by a little shy. There was a lot of competition out there, so it was kind of struggle.

Then I got the aforementioned injury, so I started to learn from the best – finally I had time for this. Here is what I learned:

The best place to advertise is a place full of people who are looking for exactly what you offer. Let’s imagine an example situation: we have to rooms full of people. In room number 1 are random people just taken from a street, in room numer 2 are people who are looking for liposuction surgery – they already know what it is and they are looking for the best place to do that. In which room would you like to advertise?

I think you know the answer. OK, now let’s imagine there is a competition in the room, but you grab about 90% of people attention. Great,right?

This is the way you want to advertise:

1. Do it in places where people are looking for your service

2. Grab attention of potential customers to turn them into returning customers.

I’m good in finding “rooms number 2” and grabing customers attention – there’s always a competition, so you need to stand out of the crowd and be visible.

Google, the most popular search engine of the World, can be a house full of rooms numer 2. Nowadays people are looking for services and solutions online. That’s why SEO (search engine optimization) is so popular. It’s not a cost – it’s an investment, and smart companys know that if they spend 5000$, they will earn 50000$.

OK, let’s say I’m looking for lipo. 1st of all I need to read about it, so in Google I type “liposuction”. OK, I like the idea, I want to do that, but the article was written by somebody from the UK and there was no any contact info anyway. I have no idea how much it costs and how much it is in my town which is LA. So I want to get more info, because I’m highly interested in the procedure. I type “liposuction cost Los Angeles” or something like that and thanks to that I know how much is it and where exactly I can do that. Makes sense, right?

When somebody is looking for the price, that means he’s highly interested and wants to buy the product, service, procedure etc.

That’s why I pushed a nice video with nice bellys to top of Google, and people see it when type “liposuction cost Los  Angeles”. Every month 100 potential patients type this keyword in Google (I have a tool to check this) to find a price of lipo and place to do that. This is our room nr 2.

Why video? Because:

* It grabs attention – a colorful thumbnail with nice lady stands out of a crowd of “gray” links

* We live in the times of YouTube (which is second the most popular search engine by the way) and people rather like to watch than read

Everybody (I mean your competition) buy AdWords for this keyword (you can see ads above organic search results as well as on a sidebar of google page), but only 10% of people (rather up to 10%) click them, because they are commercial and nobody likes selling.

That’s why at least 80% of potential customers go to first 3 positions of google search results, when we’re talking about “gray” links, and our video grabs attention so we have over 80% of people.

Now think: would you like to have new patients?

On this video we will put huge sign “In Our Opinion The Best Place Is YOUR WWW” and in the description we’ll place a link to your surgery with any info you like. We’ve put some info for SEO purposes already, but we can always change it so you could be happy and our SEO matter could be fine.

Does it work? YES – I TESTED IT. And I did this with surgery who uses AdWords. They pay 3 times more for the ads, they complain that clicks are use to end after amount of their bugdet limit and results are getting worse anyway. I spoke to the owner and we agreed for 3 months contract for start. After 2-3 weeks she called me and said that she will pay me for my service. One time she was late with the payment, so I wrote her an email that if I don’t get any info fast I will sell it to a competition. After 2 hours a I had payment confirmation. So YES – I KNOW IT WORKS LIKE CRAZY AND IT WORKS EVERY TIME – I tested it with another niches and the effects were the same.

Regular SEO take time and you pay for it when you hire a regular SEO company. I took this time on me and you can have new patients right away.

I don’t like to be to optimistic so let’s say you don’t have a great website and only 1% of the people who typing “liposuction cost los angeles” (and connotations which I didn’t count before – over 50 additional searches every month) will become your patient. How much it would be worth to you? We know that when somebody becomes a patient, then it’s not one time story. Patients come back and tell friends about good doctors because it’s about health.

Now bad news and good news. Actually if you see a nice orange button “Add To Cart” below the we have 2 good news for you.

We have only one spot for one doctor in LA so consider yourself lucky.

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