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Why Are So Many Companies Using Promotional Video?
So let’s first talk about video in general. There’s specific strengths to businesses having a video, any kind of video.
People rather like to watch than read. This is why televison used to be (and actually still is) so popular. Nowadays people watch online.
96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions
The BIG Impact of Video on SALES
Today Video Is A KING


  • According to Cisco a whopping 90% of all internet traffic will be streaming video by the end of this year.
  • Accorging to MOZ, content that contains video material gets shared 3 times more than content with text only.
  • YouTube is ranked as the 3rd most visited site globally (behind Google and Facebook) and currently gets over 3 billion views per day. (30 million visitors per day)
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.
  • The chances of getting a Page 1 listing on Google increases 53 times with a video.
  • Videos have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results


58% of consumers consider companies that use video content to be more trustworthy.


71% of consumers say that videos leave a positive impression of a company.


77% of consumers consider companies that create online video as more engaged with customers

Video is more captivating and engaging

Text is not the thing anymore. If you look at statistics on the Internet you’ll find that that video is HUGE, huge, huge and people love to watch videos. Video is the best tool converting visitors to customers.

Video is the top most viewed medium on the internet

What that means is that video just stands out so much more than just a wall of text.
Video is better and it is such a great thing to have one.

It’s easier to watch than read and people like easy things

After you come back home after work what would you choose – read a long article or comfortably sit back, watch a video and relax? Of course “watch and relax” option.

Additional Strengths of whiteboard animation

Now let’s take it a step further and talk about whiteboard animation. Read below why it is so effective and why it will get you more business every single month.
Whiteboard Animation Is Unique
Sets You Apart From The Competition…
We believe you are looking to get a step ahead of the competition. So when you have a whiteboard video, it really sets you apart. To your customers it will be like “wow” because marketing is about making an impression.
Watch The Video That We Made
For Your Business…


Look More Professional And Build Trust
When you have a video like this, people start to see you as a serious “big player”, what builds credibility and this is the most important factor deciding about buying from you or not. Especially in medical field, because it’s about health and nobody wants to leave it in hands of random doctor.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Whiteboard Video Do?

Whiteboard video actually tells a story and this also makes it more memorable. 

We’ve all seen those commercials on YouTube – a picture of someone fixing a sink and the voiceover says you know such-and-such can repair your leaky sink and when I see it, it’s like “this is no different than what I’ve seen before”. But a whiteboard video actually is able to tell a story and the videos that we had produced do this because they first (on the example of the plumber) show someone with a broken sink, there’s a plumbing problem in their house and they need a plumber and then the next drawing shows it’s fixed, the person is happy, the plumber is happy and that really helps to connect with the people that are watching the video. Because when you have a leaky sink it stinks, it’s terrible and you want it fixed and when you see this video, it’s like “Oh, yeah! That’s me!”. And oftentimes people try to fix it themselves, they are not good at it, they need a professional and there they see it and then also they see the hand-drawn people that are happy – it’s going to help them feel happy.

In our videos there isn’t just something that we picked at the top drop of a hat, we did it to connect with people, because whiteboard animation conveys emotion, connects with people and also is very memorable.


Do you have a commercial?
We think you are not excited to spend 3000 $ to have a film crew come out and shoot a commercial for you because it’s a lot of money. Now it can be affordable, and we think it’s a big deal.
If you would go out and try to create this yourself, it would cost thousands of dollars.

Or you can have this really cool white board thing that’s going to be memorable and it’s not going to cost 3000 dollars.

Our service is affordable

We offer you this great whiteboard video for only 299$ !!!

It Will Stand You Out From The Crowd, Which Is Your Competition!

We can even customize it for your business

You’ll be able to have your logo hand drawn in – it builds brand awareness and it really helps you stand apart from competitors.


Our Professional Whiteboard Video
  • Stands You Out From The Crowd
  • Is More Captivating and Engaging
  • Is Affordable
  • Makes You Look Professional
  • Tells A Story
  • Is Innovative
  • Builds Credibility
  • Is Different, Separates You From Your Competition
  • Is Neat. Converts viewers to customers.


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